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In this last week, I have seen upcoming layoff announcements from PC stalwarts HP and Dell.  As PC demand declines, the need for large workforces decreases and some decent folks will soon find themselves without a job.

This got me to thinking about previous large industry layoffs, and what small start-ups in the Valley and elsewhere did with these available resources when they hit the streets.  Imagine you have a great idea involving an electronic device.  And now you have access to people with experience in manufacturing, marketing, distributing and supporting devices.  People who have been frustrated in a large organization and are looking to rejuvenate themselves in their next job.  How fortuitous is that?

So those with vision and insight should look at these resources coming on to the job market with the opportunities these folks present in terms of experience and know-how.  The next shift of the s-curve in technology will be done by those who leverage this human capital to take advantage of their learning and experience combined with some really cool ideas.