Yes, I am still one of the 70 percent of the PC market continuing to use a stable OS called Windows XP.  Yes, I know that Microsoft will cease to support this OS in a few weeks, and yes, everyone and their mother has reminded me that it will be a risk to continue this way and not upgrade to Windows, 7 or 8 or 8.1 (and beyond). This while offering me services to do it for me, and/or charge me for advice.

So I did the analysis with the lovely tool that MS provides for free to see if you can upgrade.  And I possibly could do so, if I wanted to make some custom modifications to my existing systems. And spend a few days/weeks reinstalling, reloading, getting new device drivers, and hoping I did it correctly without a whoops moment.

But I bit the bullet, did the financial analysis and the time resource analysis — and bought a new tower.  I have a wide variety of computing power on tap (including a reasonably new tablet, as well as the ubiquitous smart phone), but for REAL working, I am still a desktop girl.  So spare a passing thought for me in the next two weeks while I wrestle a plethora of data off a stable device to one that in my eyes still needs to pass muster.

Technology — oh, how we love it!