An Apple ‘Smart Watch’ to me translates to digital bankruptcy, as people go even further into debt to keep up with gadgets. I call it ‘digital bankruptcy’ where they max out the credit cards for tech, but then cannot pay for rent or groceries.

Do not get me wrong – I think it is wonderful how innovative Apple and others are in how we interact with technology and how we are making advances in wearables.  I have been following wearables and smart jewelry for several years, including medical tech wearables.

However, the hype in the press on Apple puts pressure on many normal consumers to be early adopters for the cool factor. And the problem in the current economic conditions is that many spend more on technology consumables than their budgets allow, making for other life problems such as debt, money management issues and off balance prioritisation of spend. What you pay as a premium for the must-have tech for early adopters translates for some into precarious positions financially.

Do you need it? Or is it a nice to have, but wait until I get it as a gift or it is required by my employer…..

Maybe it is a function of my stage of life, but I am not so bothered to get the latest tech anymore, as it usually causes more efforts than it is worth.  And I worry when I see gadget theft in airports and on public transport that the gap between have and have not is growing with gadget envy, fueled by press hype on Apple products.