I tried Google Glass in a demo, and realized quickly that it was not for me.  It had nothing to do with what I looked like, but everything to do with how I wanted to use the technology. So I am not in a hurry for Microsoft HoloLens, Sony’s SmartEyeGlass SED-E1 Developer Edition or the revision of Google Glass.

But that is not the real point, IMHO, for augmented glasses as wearable technology. It is for a different audience, and again it is not segmented by age, but  gaming ability / agility.  Because I believe the driver for augmented glasses are the lovers of virtual reality games, who want to make this more of a reality in their IRL world.  The challenge with this is as time moves on (pun in favor of the smart watch), many will start to choose how many wearable devices they put on in the morning.

I just saw a survey on how many devices people use during the day, and how times they switch devices.  Many use up to 6 or more devices, and switch multiple times during the day.   And that is my point — I like to use the proper tool(s) for the activity required. Too many of the wearables are unique to one task, and this is where the glasses will be a bit more serviceable than a fitbit or monitor of some form.  But if I try to avoid normal glass wearing right now, it will take quite an effort to get me on board.  Let’s see how many devices we are willing to wear over time, or will we have a device-free movement?   😉