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Sounds like a stupid title to a blog post.  But if you realized how long I have been waiting to do that, then you know this is a story of physical recovery and how the brain and the body do not always dance together, but perhaps tango with more flair than we realize.

At the beginning of April, I was told I need a hysterectomy for a very large fibroid in my uterus.  Besides changing a lot of my May/June plans to do this, many of you who know me know I plunged into research on the topic.  What should I know, how do you recovery, when can you do things, etc.  I joined a fantastic group of people in a user community gong through the same thing at the same time (but for many different reasons).  I got lots of answers.   But what I did not get is the harmonization issue that was to occur.

Because I am almost always brain led.  I think, then I do.   In the circumstance, I had to become body led.   My body set the terms and conditions, and I had to follow along at the pace my body was setting.   Although I am an athlete, and I get recovery, specifically non-linear recovery, this was a whole new kettle of fish.

I did what I was told to do in the six week post-operative period, and have gotten to this point without extra infections or complications. I am lucky to have an understanding employer and good colleagues, both of which helped with the recovery to-date. I am lucky to be in a country with a good health care system and choice of medical care.

However, I am at a point now where I want to be back to 100 percent again, and I am not yet there.  That is normal for this kind of surgery.  But once you are back at work, and back amongst the living, your brain assumes all is in order.

So why am I discussing a light bulb?  It blew about a month ago in our living room, right after our cleaning lady (which I finally got one, post-op) went on holiday.  I was unable to reach it or take the ladder to get it, nor could my husband who has medical issues.   So we have been sitting in a darkened room with other lights working, but not the main one.  Our son could not make it over from the other side of the country to do it, so we have been getting by with alternative lighting.

I am on the path to alternatives in my life, and I am learning to accept that things are how they are, and find different ways to accomplish what I want done.  I had bought a new bulb, and was just waiting for more healing so I could take that ladder and really be able to reach the ceiling to change the light.  And I kept waiting.

This is a story about finding alternatives, as well as finding the strength to push through and the patience to wait until the right moment to finally get something accomplished.

But damn it, that light bulb was bugging me.  So this morning, I got the ladder out, reached up and changed the bulb.   And then there was light.  🙂

And then I felt moved enough to write this blog post, hoping to reassure someone else that someday soon, there will be light.

Have a great weekend everyone.