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As I dig into my mailbox this morning, I am reminded by one of my mails to make sure I use my email properly, in that “Your email signature is a great piece of digital real estate you can use to introduce yourself further and keep people up to date…”

Self-branding has gotten to be huge in terms of volume of the message these days. You need to stick and label yourself where ever possible to let people know who you are and what you do. We can define this as digital real estate, or measurement of the digital footprints you leave when you stomp all of the Internet. What used to be mind share is now digital real estate impact (a la Trump or Kardashian).

As I do several things, I was recently challenged personally by one of the better self marketing gurus to create a tag line for the bottom of my mail to sell myself best in one sentence. I did that, and now you see my one liner:” I have a finely honed sense of strategy after 20 years as a market analyst, and can help you cut through all the slideware to get to the specific message you want to get across. ”

As someone who has loved stand-up comedy, I associate a one liner with a good joke.

Is digital real estate a good joke?   Like many, I have created digital real estate to help sell me and my narrative out in the vast internet wilderness.   If you do not, it is hard to make an impact.  But if you do, then like real estate it needs to be properly managed and maintained.

Can your digital real estate get so large that you cannot manage it?  For some rock stars and politicians, this may be the case.  Reputation management is getting to be a good business to get into.

But I am focusing on refining my message, and need to upkeep my digital real estate more often in this era of instant messaging and messages.

But this intrigued me into looking at digital real estate measurement (as a good economist, I like a nice index), so I am examininig how digital real estate can be measured.

If you have seen a good measurement, let me know.  I am starting with this article as a basis for discussion.