This morning’s disruption to the digital services from the BBC highlighted the significant increase recently in network attacks. I foresee 2016 to have an increased need for security service providers for outsourcing of security for those who need extra assistance in case of DDoS or other serious encounters.  Call it Return of the Outsourcing Responsibility, for those in a Star Wars frame of mind…

This InfoSecurity article makes a relevant point in that companies need to understand that while they can outsource responsibility for security they cannot outsource accountability.  This is why I have also recently written several pieces on cyber insurance and the growing interest to find ways to mitigate the financial impact of cyber risk.

You can listen to my podcast on cyber insurance with IBM and SwissRe   here, or read the guest blog post on The State of Security blog here.

The evolution of Security as a Service (SECaaS) will be determined by how fast consulting companies can get staffed with quality security specialists.  In my opinion, that will be difficult and will be on par with the gold rush era of getting SAP R/3 specialists on board in the 1990s.