The US election, for me, is an echo of the other things happening in my life and around me.   I am seeing talented people of my age and gender struggle to find balance, meaningful employment and peace of mind.  I am seeing people who have given their all to country and to company be sidelined and disenfranchised.  I am seeing what was my peer group change life status to consultant, retired  or perpetual traveler; all are rebuilding their lives outside of the mainstream milieu for their final era as they have given up on being part of the mainstream and have left for pastures calmer.   I am seeing my new peer group of 30 something co-workers compassionately boosting my spirits, helping support me as I have taken on too much, yet have too little.

I have found my world rocked not only by the cruelty of timing, but the callousness of the shallow selfish souls that are becoming the mainstream norm, regardless of political or religious beliefs.  Common decency is giving way to fatigue and wariness.

I do not see this election as a battle of good vs evil, but as an example of how out of balance the world is at present.   Not just my world, but the world of those around me.   I really have to search to find someone who is joyous and happy right now in any age group of my acquaintance. We are missing our sense of fun and fair play.

I am an optimist by nature, but a realist by profession.   And I think these next few weeks will be telling for us as global citizens in how we reach out to each other and create a society that can thrive, vs exist day to day, waiting for the next news item to drop….