On my home office desk for many months sits my copy of the book by Kevin Carroll entitled “Rules of the Red Rubber Ball“, as well as an actual red rubber (squeeze) ball. I have had the book for a number of years, and always enjoy revisiting its message of that thread throughout your life that keeps you engaged in what you find meaningful and energizing.

But I have to admit recently that I am lacking that direction towards joy.

My theory is that every seven or so years you enter a new phase of your life. I think it had to do with how often your cells rejuvenate. I recently read a document that suggests you create a timeline of your life, and pick 10 or so major moments that have defined your life direction (the so-called ‘highlights’ or major milestones). But that kind of turns things into a Readers’ Digest version of your life and I am not ready to be on “This is Your Life” just yet….

Even though the last 4-5 years having had extreme lows and interesting highs, at the present time I am plateauing and I am not sure how I feel about that.

So next to this book sits another hand-sized notebook, reminiscent of a former colleague who carried a little notebook everywhere. This is where I jot down my instructions to myself on how to make the necessary changes I believe need to be made to be on a more positive path towards better outcomes. It has a unique cover, and I picked it up in Australia on trip in 2018.

Together, these two books are helping me to guide my journey this year towards not necessarily calmer waters, but ones that flow with ease and movement. And somewhere there, I hope to find my red rubber ball floating alongside me.