The end of this not so lovely year of 2020 is next week, and not soon enough for most of us. Life in the “Now Normal” has seemed like an endless array of March days, except each day is different, yet the same.

So many people are pinning hopes on 2021, and if you understand that the pandemic of 1918 was followed by the roaring ’20s, you can also see that many people are overestimating what comes next.

We have a tendency to dream when we look at a new year, or a new decade. We overestimate how quickly changes will occur. So much of our lives are already reminiscent of the Jetsons cartoon, with voice and motion controlled rooms, personal transport pods, and robotics. Me, I was just looking at the prices of private islands and personal media studios. 😉

What will 2021 look like? You can see some of my tech predictions here on the Ecosystm website where I work as a Principal Analyst on a contact to cover Infrastructure and Cloud Enablement. On a personal level, I plan to scale up and out from my current situation. This means downsizing a reliance on physical stuff and rightsizing me.

I know for certain that this next year will bring great change, but much of that will be internal in how I view and live in my world. And the same for many people I know who are recreating what they read, listen to, find factual and want to engage with. I wish you a peaceful holiday season and a value-driven new year.