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As I just hit a milestone birthday, this blog post I found very interesting.

I agree that they do not make consumer goods durable anymore, very much like clothing, cosmetics and packaging have also been made for a limited duration. But is there a large risk with clothing or packaging?

The only comment I would add to this blog post is that the author believes that core systems in insurance providers will become more rapid in their evolution. If I look at core banking, what will change will be the evolution of how the processes are managed ( e.g. cloud), but the engine under the hood will still be tried and tested for both risk and durability. Cost efficiency and modularity are both important aspects of today’s core banking infrastructure, but from the angle of the connectivity of the “surround systems” that enable mobile banking, analytics, fraud detection and other needed innovations.

Still know that we made it better and more solid in the old days. #justsaying 🙂