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I have been seeing a number of slide decks on the digital economy as of late.  One of them resonated with me but not for the reason the presenter intended.  The deck was from PA Consulting’s Innovation Lab, with a focus on “building your digital business” and discusses all the different “spaces” you can manage, i.e. working space, living space, transit space, etc.

My interpretation of this is more on how we as individual manage our digital consumption.  How and where (and maybe even why?) we consume digital content and when we do not do so.   For example, in your living space, what portion of your space is digital content enabled, and what is not?   In our social space, what portion is digital interaction, and what is good old analog conversations with fellow humans?  What portion of our day is spent with digital commerce, and what portion of it is spent with more offline transactions?

I am starting back to serious training, and now have to go on a MUCH stricter diet.  And for me, the same will be for my digital consumption.  I feel I have lost some of my offline consumption habits in the last few years, and my time off work has shown me what part of my digital diet needs to be cut back for being with real people and interacting with society versus my devices.

As an individual, you have control over your own consumption on the basis of your economic condition.  And in the digital world, this should also hold true based on the decisions you make. Digitally eat well, and avoid the junk!