NB:  I wrote this small piece below in September, but decided not to publish it as it was a bit too personal.  But after this last week, thought better of it.  After a comment made to me by a teammate last night, I decided to push the button.  The comment was: “What is your motivation to push so hard right now?”

I have had a serendipitous weekend, and I wanted to share it with you.  I had an interaction at the university with one of the managers that left me rather low on Friday.   But that state of discomfort was eased by some unexpected pieces of interaction over the weekend.   I found these in many places: in a very timely article contribution by an old friend in my LinkedIn stream, in an unexpected email with a photo for me of old friends at a reunion who missed me, chatting with two US family members via Internet, and in the line of weightlifters I was weighing in for a competition on Saturday lunchtime who were happy I was there.

There are people who appreciate what I have to offer.  And these are things I grasp onto to move me forward, instead of holding me back to be just like the others around me.  When I am not, nor should I strive to be so.

I have always been more than a “glass is half full’ kind of person.  For me, the glass needs refilling and I push and drive and nag to get it there.    And so now I go to refill my glass again, and will continue to look with curiosity and interest for more in life than just what is in front of me.