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I am multitasking right now, trying to finish a report, an article and two blog posts, as well as finishing my weekly assignment for my online teaching course. No, I am not bragging, rather I am a bit bemused by how the process of all of these is similar, but yet very different, because of the content.

One of the pieces is on process realignment, so I am stopping for a moment and sharing my thoughts on content creation with you.  So much of what we do now is crafting content for delivery, rather than focusing on content creation and then worrying about what form the delivery will take. This reminds me of a conference I went to a number of years ago where the focus of the conference was content creation, but almost all of the booths at the show were on delivery and distribution.

I was at the Shopping Innovation Expo on Thursday here in Brussels, and attended the session of Steven van Bellingham who seems to be well-known in Belgium for his expertise on social media.  What drove the audience in droves to his presentation was not how he packaged his message, although it was very well done, but his message itself.

Because of my work schedule, it is taking me much longer these days to get my content out, partly because I am too concerned about the packaging of the content for delivery.   So what hit me this morning, as I am making my to-do list for the weekend for work, is just how much of my time is spent on content delivery, rather than content creation.  And for me, content creation has been the joyous part of the journey.  So I am changing my processes to align with being in the “data” business, and will just focus on bringing you that content as best and as rapidly as I can get it out……!

Back to work.