Like lots of us, I started last year with great expectations on what I could achieve.  And looking back, I did achieve quite a lot and learned quite a bit as well.

This year, instead of looking ahead and setting goals, I looked back and decided what went well and where I wanted to spend more resources on, and what did not go well and I wanted to shed certain assets to have less burden on my shoulders.

I moved away from unprofitable alliances, and moved closer to both clients and colleagues who provided me energy and knowledge.

And now, here in 2018, I am doing an energy audit as to where my time goes, and what outcomes I get from those activities.  Because life is too short to waste energy on what does not feed your spirit, your soul and your wallet.

You will be seeing some new areas from me, including hotel technology, connected offices and reviews of analytics tools.  Much to learn still in this world, and never too old to learn it….