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Like many, I get a lot of work done from my home office.  But there are drawbacks to it as well.  I miss the chance encounters with colleagues, I cannot catch up on the latest non-virtual watercooler info, and I miss the local lunch food options which are more plentiful in the center of the city. #foodie

But why do so many of us prefer home working?  Is it the commute, the better technology, the lack of a dress code?  😉

For me, the office environment lacks the inspirational aspects as well as the comforts.  My employer has set us up in goldfish bowl offices with no visual privacy and six to an office space (or more for the admin staff). Private conversations require departing to the hallway with the mobile. My colleagues down a floor below have created an open working space, but again with the goldfish windows and lack of atmosphere.

Personally, I love analyzing why certain office spaces make work fun.   I really enjoy the postings of such folks as Interior Architects (@IAarchitects) and Robin (@robinpowered ) who showcase the best of what workplaces can look like.

I do not need a Foosball table or a go-cart to make my life in the office complete.  But I want to work smart and live smart, as work/life are so combined these days.  I’d like a PUDO in the office, pick up/drop off dry cleaning, and group Deliveroo scheduling to save money and start conversations amongst foodies.

So why are employee experience services so low on the HR list of things to make the environment successful?    What role does HR play in the connected office?  Are role-based operations more efficient and/or more fun?

I am working on a smarter offices e-book, so if anyone wants to have conversations with me on the subject, reach out please.   🙂