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For me, technology is more than an enabler, it is a critical element of the business process.  When I see other firms predicting trends for the next year, I have to wade into the fray with my own thoughts on the matter. Hashtags are integrated in for Twitter usage…. 🙂

#Predictions for 2014 P1:  It’s not about the size of the data, but what it looks like during analysis. #datavisualization

Data gets bigger and bigger, but you have to see the forest for the trees to react in a timely and efficient way.  Visualization tools will be one of the hotter properties in 2014.

#Predictions for 2014 P2:  For business models being disrupted, it will be about the risk, not the reward. #riskybusiness

A number of industries are undergoing fundamental transformations, including journalism, tourism, retail and energy.   Business model shifts involve a great deal of risk, and the rewards are not so easily apparent. How you handle the risk says a great deal about the firm’s strategy and manageability.

#Predictions for 2014 P3:  Network infrastructural capacity will be a limitation businesses will creatively work around. #maxheadroom

Case in point:  The downtime yesterday (23 Dec) of the Belgian payment network.  Some creative retailers quickly offered alternatives to pay (invoice for later bank transfer, registering the transaction locally and transferring data once online systems were restored, etc.) to not lose the business this close to the holiday.  Many infrastructural systems are near capacity, or quite fragile when stretched.  Creative workarounds may soon be come the norm.

#Predictions for 2014 P4:  Data ingestion or data indigestion? Rate of data consumption critical for reflection& analysis #bigdata #eatwell

If you cannot properly consume, you may not see the trends quickly enough to react.

Hope these insights give you a taste of what I am working on for 2014 — happy holidays!